Serving the worshipping life of St James the Less

In order for worship to happen in a clean, calm, friendly atmosphere,
all sorts of people are involved.

(You could even print this page and try to spot one of each in church next Sunday!)


These are the ones that tend to wear little white dog collars and colourful robes. Their job is to help you to focus on God and your neighbour as we spend time together, consciously recalling who we are created to be.

rotasAltar Servers

These people dress in white. They turn up before the service to prepare the altar and put the various bits and pieces in place needed during the service. During the service they act as the clergy’s right hand man or woman.


Choir members and musicians

Choir members and musicians give their time, talents and energy to lead the musical parts of our worship. We are fortunate to have a thriving choir, organists, pianists, band members, composers and choir leaders who interpret music well. If you’d like to join in, this is a great way of getting more involved in the community.


Welcomers and Sidespersons

These people help those arriving at church to find their way around and ensure they have the right books, leaflets etc. for the service. They arrive about half an hour before the service to help get everything ready.



We always need people to read the Bible during our services.



We also need people to lead us in prayer. Each week we pray for the church throughout the world, the needs of the world, our country, our community, those who are sick or dying and those giving joyful thanks.


The Hospitality Team

What would church be without coffee and a chat. Someone has to organise that too. A friendly duo is required at each service to keep us all happy and well caffeinated. New volunteers are always welcome!



The most unseen work in the church and yet everyone notices that the place looks well cared for. Can you show your love for God and this community through the art of cleaning?