Our Organ: recent history

Having an organ at St James the Less church, along with several talented organ players, has rightly been one of the key (forgive the pun) features in assisting us in worship over almost the whole life of the church. It was therefore a major loss when in August 2017 a leak in the building caused internal damage to our current organ which resulted in it having to be dismantled and taken away for major repairs. Fortunately we also have many other skilled instrumentalists and even a composer or three who together have enabled music to remain a primary element in the offering and enjoyment of our services. Nevertheless, we look forward to reinstatement of the organ as soon as possible.

Most, if not all, of us were totally amazed when we were able to see the dismantled organ before it was taken away in May 2019 to Henry Willis & Sons Ltd in Liverpool for the repair work. A selection of photos below may help to explain the surprise and why repairing is a lengthy process. Apparently this is not even a particularly large or complex organ.

Latest news: work completed and organ fully functional after a relatively short time of final troubleshooting!

(Click on any image and select ‘Open in a new tab’ to see more detail)

Finished product – hurray!

Work in progress.

Work in Progress in Liverpool