Penicuik for Africa


      Penicuik for Africa (PfA)

Birth In November 2005, members of the community and  North Kirk accepted an invitation from St James The Less to parent a new ‘child’:  PfA was born!

Pastures New – Wells for North Malawi

PfA is now supporting a team led by an altruistic young civil Wells 2engineer from West Linton, Jonty Hunter. His social enterprise, Drinkwell International, aims to provide clean drinking water to every local community in North Malawi that lacks one.

Roughly one-in- three wells found in Africa no longer work. With £3000 from PfA, Jonty repaired six wells in the first 4 months of 2014. Progress continued well into 2015, as can be seen by the comprehensive Malidade Area Borehole Rehabilitation Report .

Wells 1Many wells fail because communities  lack the knowledge and incentive to maintain those installed at great expense by well-meaning charities and governments, Jonty’s team spend hours talking with local elders, explaining how to maintain  simple pumps, designed by a member of the team.

How you can help.

We need new blood and fresh ideas; to help, please contact

Traidcraft beverages and  foods sourced from Africa can be bought most Sundays in St James Hall, Broomhill Rd.  from 11.45am-12.30pm.

To find out more about us, visit our stalls at community events and follow progress at

Please send donations to treasurer Graham Smith,     2, Caplaw Way, Penicuik, earmarking cheques for PfA but made out to ‘St James The Less’: Gift Aid can be reclaimed without more ado
on amounts less than £20.

PfA the Back Story

Aspirations Our joint aim was to raise money in the town and get it to needy communities in Africa speedily & with minimal administrative costs

Early beneficiaries Within two years, £3k had been  raised & sent to  Kenya (Mombasa  HIV/AIDS clinic), South Africa (Itipini dump project, Durban) and Zambia (Chitambo hospital).

Africa Fairs

1st Gathering Aware that others within and beyond the town Africa Fairswere also supporting Africa, we brought 11 groups  together in the Town Hall in September, 2006 to learn from and encourage each other.

Encores We took the idea to Old St Africa Fairs 2Pauls, Edinburgh, in March, 2007. Opened by Sir Tom Farmer and closed by the Masai Warriors, it was a triumph! In 2009, 16 groups supported a 3rd Fair in town. ‘We hope to stage another Fair in Penicuik Town Hall in September , 2015 to celebrate our 10th birthday. Please come!’

Focus on Chitambo

New Ambulance Co-founder Jo Vallis, heard that Chitambo Chitambohospital needed an ambulance.  In 2010, we delivered one at a cost of around £30k!

New school! In 2012, we bought furniture from local craftsmen for Chitambo 2classrooms and hostel in a refurbished nurse training school, the first of its kind in rural Zambia: cost £8k!!

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