The Choir in Action: All my hope on God is founded

The choir and the church at Christmastime

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As a Choir we carry on the great tradition of music at St James and continue our outreach in Penicuik when we’re joined by singers from other churches throughout the year.  We love to welcome them and we thank them all for the enthusiastic involvement in music making at St James. Musicians and choir members are often at the sharp end of our worship. We will never know what seeds we plant with our music in worship, we can only continue to offer music that God uses to his glory. If you are interested in singing then the New Year (or Christmas!) is a great time to start. Please remember that there is always an open invitation to come and sing with us. There are no auditions …..and no immediate solo parts.  Come and join us? All our members in the choir are committed singers and musicians who week by week support the music of our services.


David, at work.

Thank you to our organists Jean and Jennifer, the musicians in the band and to Alison and Alan for all that they contribute to music at St James. To every member of the choir for their enthusiasm and commitment, thank you.

David McGavin

One thought on “Choir

  1. Congratulations David on your 5th anniversary and long make you continue your music making. I still have very strong memories of my years in the choir firstly under Caw Havey then Mrs Mac, it started my love of music and everything that love has brought me.
    Please give my regards to any one who might remember me`, always wondered what became of Rodney Braggins always in competition to sing solo ?

    Best wishes

    Stuart Macintyre

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